“Wonderfully unique, simultaneously synthy, avant-garde and no wave.” 

— Veronica Vasicka, Minimal Wave

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Taking the phrase by Jean Paul Sartre 'Hell is other people' to express the need to be isolated; moving away from other people because they are the cause of mental and emotional pain.

Deperson was premiered on 16.08.2017 12am by @maryannehobbs on @BBC6Music.


Fragile Self are a minimal electronic duo that create elegant, dark electronic compositions within a pop structure. They make music that is dissonant yet listenable taking the subconscious and extreme states of mind as subject matter. Anil Aykan creates melody, beats and intense vocals. Jonathan Barnbrook shapes noise and turns it into song. Barnbrook is already known for his artistic collaborations with David Bowie and that total creative approach is shown in the attention to detail in their music - from a tautly constructed beauty in their songs to the highly experimental visuals and packaging which accompany them.

Their first album available soon, it takes as a starting point the subject of classic psychotherapy. This includes songs on the enigmatic patient of Breuer and Freud Bertha Pappenheim, how it is to be in love with a narcissist and the theories of Fritz Perls, inventor of Gestalt therapy. Despite the heavy subject matter they have created a series of listenable, witty electronic compositions.